Summer Songs, Toddle Tunes and Dribble Dance

Mrs Saskia Beverloo
Pedagogy Track
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Parents and their young children (0 – 4 year olds) love to come to music class. Behind the fun is the pedagogy: each of the activities stimulates one or more development areas like language and speech development, motor skills, social development and musical development.

In this session the audience will be involved in singing, dancing, rhythm games, finger play and sound games. The activities will be followed by a closer look into the developmental goals of each activity and insights in how to make a balanced music program.


Saskia Beverloo is founder and teacher at Music Center Harlekijntje in the Netherlands. She teaches Parent-Child classes for 0-4 year olds and after school programs Music & Movement for 4-10 year olds.

She has presented on many professional development occasions in the Netherlands and Belgium, several times in Salt Lake City and Logan in Utah and in 2008 at the AOSA conference in North Carolina.

Saskia is a teacher for the World Music Box Foundation. This brings her to townships near Johannesburg – South Africa where she co-ordinates Music & Movement workshops as well as recorder.

Saskia is an author for De Pyramide a Dutch Music Education Magazine. Many of her lesson plans are published in this magazine.