Keynote Address

Linda Robinson
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The Greater Atlanta Chapter of ECMMA and Jean Ellen Linkins are proud to co-sponsor Linda Robinson's keynote address.

We are excited to welcome Linda Robinson, the founding President of ECMMA, as the keynote presenter at the Move Along, Catch a Song Convention. 

Celebrating our Journey - Poised for New Pathways is the title of Linda's keynote address. 

Linda invites you to reflect, imagine and participate. 

To reflect on your personal journey with early childhood music and movement

  • How did you become involved in music and movement with young children?
  • Who inspired and encouraged your work in this career?
  • How has ECMMA helped support your work in this field to this point in time?

To imagine what new pathways you might take in serving young children through music and movement

  • What new opportunities in your studio, school, community might be present for expansion of your work?
  • Who might be willing to collaborate with you to broaden the involvement of young children and families in music and movement activities and programs?
  • How could ECMMA help support these new efforts in your community?

To participate in this time of remembering our past and creating a new future!


Linda K. Robinson has been involved in music education with children and families since 1964. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree (1964) and Master’s Degree (1969) in Music Education. In 1995, she completed a second Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Development and Montessori Diploma for 3-5 yrs. old students.  Training in early childhood music and movement began in 1976 with Lorna Heyge and her Kindermusik curriculum.  Following Lorna into the Musikgarten curriculum, Linda taught in studios, in public preschool, kindergarten, and elementary classrooms, and also teacher-training workshops.

Linda was the founding President of the Kindermusik Teachers’ Association (1986), which later became the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association.  She was also awarded the “Teacher of the Year in Elementary Education” by the Kentucky Music Educators Association in 1994.

In 2007, Linda retired from public school music teaching and began work on the design and curriculum of the Music for Learning program which is supported by the Musikgarten Foundation.  This program began implementation in Head Start centers across the United States in 2008, and continues to grow, reaching hundreds of classroom teachers and thousands of pre-kindergarten children.

Linda has been married for 52 years to Schuyler (just-retiring Prof. of organ/harpsichord/sacred music at University of Kentucky).  Linda and Schuyler have two children who are both married, and three grandchildren.