An Examination of the Emotional Competency and Emotional Practices of Four Elementary General Music Teachers

Dr. Michelle McConkey
Research Track
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Emotional competence is the capacity to handle emotional situations effectively. Teachers’ emotional competence influences the choices they make, both pedagogically, and during student interactions. This qualitative multiple case study examines the lived experiences of four elementary general music teachers for the purposes of exploring emotional competence as related to perceptions and practices in the classroom. Research questions included: Is it possible to observe a music teacher’s emotional competence in action? What is the relationship between emotional competence and teaching practices?


Dr. Michelle S. McConkey, is an associate professor of music education at California State University in Chico. Michelle received her doctorate degree from ASU in Music Education. She completed a Masters of Music degree at BYU in Music Education, and completed a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from the Crane School of Music. Michelle taught for nine years in public and private schools in New York State, Utah, and Arizona. She has completed Kodàly certification, and has presented workshops and research sessions at various state and national conferences. Michelle’s research interest includes the music teacher’s role in the emotional development of children.