Anchoring Literacy Learning through Creativity

Elaine Bernstorf, PhD, CCC-SLP

Keynote: Anchoring Literacy Learning through Creativity
Dr. Bernstorf will address the roles of caregivers, teachers, and children in developing literacy learning through creativity. Appropriate music and movement activities often become personal anchors with special meaning for individual children or groups of children. We will explore developmentally appropriate activities that lead toward language and literacy anchor standards.

Special Session I: Decoding with Love
In this session for caregivers and teachers, Dr. Bernstorf will share music-related activities that prepare young children for decoding tasks associated with reading literacy. Examples include music and movement activities that emphasize comparatives, sequences, and events for joint attention. Bruner’s levels of representation and Blank’s Question strategies will be highlighted.

Special Session II: Executive Function: It’s more than just STOP and GO
Fostering inclusion and preparing young children for large-group learning in schools requires caregivers’ careful planning. In this session, Dr. Bernstorf will consider factors affecting executive functioning in young children. The acronyms STOP and GO will be used to help parents and teachers consider children’s behaviors that may interfere with learning.

Dr. Bernstorf serves as Professor of Music Education at Wichita State University, and co-author of The Music and Literacy Connection published by Rowman and Littlefield. She holds a BME and MME in Special Music Education, PhD in Communicative Disorders and Sciences, and certificate of clinical competence as a speech-language pathologist. Her specializations include elementary vocal music, special music education, early childhood arts education, speech pathology (voice, fluency, and child language), literacy development, and curriculum development.