Move Along, Catch a Song

ECMMA Convention | June 26 - 29, 2016

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Sustaining our Spirits to Teach

How can we take heart in teaching once more, so we can do what good teachers always do – give heart to our students? The courage to teach is the courage to keep one’s heart open in those very moments when the heart is asked to hold more than it is able, so that teacher and students and subject can be woven into the fabric of community that learning, and living, require.

Dinner & Networking

Renew Your Spirit

As teachers we have dedicated our professional and personal life to serving others. Yet many of us experience teaching as demanding and challenging, as we...

"Sit Still and Listen!" "Pay Attention!"

But how can they? Their wiggly bodies need to move. When our children have opportunities to move and sing purposefully in a joy-filled environment, they have the energy to sit and listen.

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ECMMA General Meeting

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Learning Through the Arts: The Language of Dance

Using the children’s book, Red Sings from the Treetops, by Joyce Sidman as a springboard for dance and music, participants will move, investigate, create, and contextualize. We shall move through the rhythm of words, note value, musical forms and create a narrative, poetry and dance based on seasons and colors.

Optional Excursion into Salt Lake City

Dinner, Sightseeing, Exclusive lecture and organ demonstration - Mormon Tabernacle on Temple Square

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Guided imagery, movement, and mindfulness in ECE

In this movement session, we will explore and discover ways of moving creatively, mindfully, and expressively in early childhood classrooms and settings, as well as how to exercise guided imagery meditations with young children. We will discuss and practice ways of creating a safe external environment and...

Research Breakout

School Readiness: Can A Literacy-based Music Curriculum Enhance Linguistic Skills in Preschool Children?
by Ming Tu & Hannon
Session Link

An Examination of the Emotional Competency and Emotional Practices of Four Elementary General Music Teachers
by McConkey
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Engaging & Healing Differences: Five Habits of the Heart

Engaging & Healing Differences focuses on Five Habits of the Heart, a practice of fresh and meaningful conversations. Using the Five Habits of the Heart, you will experience how to use these habits through movement ideas, reflection activities and songs.

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Networking & Curriculum Lunch

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Books that Sing – Stories that Dance! Incorporating Music, Movement, and Imagination with Literature!

This active session will enhance dramatic skills through interactive participation! Attendees will explore techniques for integrating music & movement with books & storytelling to promote fundamental music concepts, creativity, cross-curricular connections, and literacy with their young students. Activities will range from expanding rhythmic text into simple song & finger plays - to full dramatization incorporating movement, instruments, props, classical listening selections, and more! Teachers will gain confidence in participatory storytelling from hands-on experience with specific texts & musical excerpts and expand their teaching repertoire with powerful resources.

Scared of a 'Group' of Young Beginners? Try Piano Partners!

Group keyboard classes can offer many benefits for young children--from problem-solving to building aural skills; from goal setting to playing by ear and note-reading. The peer-group setting can create an ideal music learning environment for children. But teaching group keyboard classes can be intimidating for traditional piano teachers who generally teach one-on-one lessons. This session will introduce the concept of 'partner lessons' which can offer the same benefits as group keyboard classes but be taught to two young children in a small studio setting with one piano.

Music Therapy Interventions to Support Social Development in Early Childhood Inclusion Classrooms

During this session, participants will experience ways to design clinical interventions for the early-childhood inclusion classroom to support the development of social skills for all students. Skills include joint attention, turn-taking, greetings and responses. Participants will be introduced to relevant social development theories, research, and resources.


1-2-3 Flow! - Room 1
Pat Gingras - Movement
Children of all ages express themselves by moving to music. The first step in this process is the development of rhythm skills. We've all seen young children moving to the beat ...

Cultural Celebration - Room 2
Sylvia Munsen - Pedagogy
Participants will experience activities appropriate for young children focusing on music from many cultures and traditions. Participants will experience and explore a variety of materials: folk songs, folk instruments, movement/dances, and literature. The teaching strategies will be based on Orff-Schulwerk philosophy and teaching process.

Research Roundup - Room 3
Dansereau & Reynolds – Research
This session offers Convention participants a forum for (1) reflection on questions, methods, and findings presented during research sessions at the ECMMA International Convention--in partnership with the NAfME Early Childhood Music Special Research Interest Group--and (2) collaborative discussion about identifying implications for practice and considering possible follow-up studies.

Saving kitties and hunting for gold: Storytelling through music and movement in early childhood

Explore elements of storytelling in this session as we become fearless pirates, awesome dinosaurs, neighborhood superheroes, and more! Participants will engage in music and movement experiences designed to capture young children's imagination, cultivate creativity, and build essential listening and speaking vocabularies foundational to music learning. Strategies and skills for implementing a variety of music and movement stories will be shared.

Singing Voice Development in Early Childhood

Singing voice development begins in early childhood and can be encouraged through repertoire with the developmental component in mind. Svec will briefly discuss the research behind singing voice development for children, ages 4-7. Additionally, the audience will experience and participate in vocal exploration and melodic improvisation activities as well as view classroom examples of video footage demonstrating what activities look like with children in both early childhood music classes and early elementary music settings.

When “Baby Beluga” comes home and “Tikitiklip” goes to school: The complex matrix of young children’s everyday music

This session explores the complex matrix of young children’s everyday musical experiences and their applications in early childhood music education—research and practice. Based on recent theorizing in the field of Childhood Studies, we will engage in a wide range of activities—from the examination of young children’s everyday musical practices around the world to the actual enactment of musical activities and brainstorming of future research questions.

Keep Singing YOUR Tune, and Families will ance Right into Your Studio!”

Keep singing and moving to your tune! With passion, dedication and determination, your song will be heard by families who will dance right to you and your studio. This session endeavors to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit to build and grow a successful early childhood music & piano studio. Business strategies to be explored include: how to start, creating a mission statement, advertising & recruitment, time management, social media tools, accounting, taxes and more.

Closing Session

EVENT INFO ECMMA Move Along, Catch a Song convention is full of great opportunities and activities. Here are some of the exciting events planned

Mormon Tabernacle on Temple Square

Clive Romney

Musicians in Action

Sunday Night:
After a day of travel, we’ll begin the convention with some interactive movement in a session led by Leslie Timmons. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes! Next, we have the... Learn More about Sunday Activities

After a day of events, Monday evening offers an optional excursion into Salt Lake City where we will be treated to an exclusive lecture and organ demonstration at the Mormon... Learn More about Monday Activities

The Tuesday evening banquet will be held in the Officer’s Club with musical storytelling by Clive Romney and his musical companions... Learn More about Tuesday Activities

Wednesday morning begins with the Chapter Officer breakfast. Three breakout sessions will be offered on Wednesday and you’ll want to plant to stay for the closing activity... Learn More about Wednesday Activities

Convention Updates

Clive Romney

You will be entertained, informed and touched by Clive Romney's musical story telling. ...